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December 29 overview of the steel industry

2016-12-29 18:33:26 2096

2017 industrial growth target to maintain 6% to face the real estate bubble challenge: December 26 to 27 at the national industrial and information technology work conference, the Ministry of Industry and Miao Wei introduced in 2016, the country is expected to above-scale industrial added value An increase of 6%. At the same time, 2017 is expected to above-scale industrial added value growth target of 6%, and 2016 is basically the same. After a few years before the Ministry of Industry continued to cut annual industrial growth target. In November, the whole society cargo volume grew 11.4% YoY in January, the highest since January 2014, which was significantly higher than that of Oct. 6.3, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. % Growth rate. Which in November railway freight volume growth rate of 13.9%, compared with October's 11.2% growth rate continues to overstating. According to the central bank data, in November RMB loans increased 794.6 billion yuan, of which the household sector loans increased 679.6 billion yuan, accounting for more than 85%, the real economy has not yet received a real blood transfusion.